Securing Equity Funding

Case Studies

U.S. FinTech Company Secured $8M

Riding the US FinTech Boom and the market’s rapid growth, a US-based company secured $8 million in funding they needed with Vergne Equity’s guidance.

UK Food & Beverages Company Secured $2M

Faced with the challenge of securing funding in a crowded market, a UK Food and Beverage company trusted Vergne Equity to help them secure the capital they needed.

UAE Health Tech Company Raising $5M

Aiming for $5 million in Series A funding, a Dubai-based Fitness and Wellbeing firm turned to Vergne Equity and successfully raised the necessary funds.

U.S. Consumer Electronics Company Secured $2M

US Marketplaces platform Secures $3M

Emerging Healthcare VC

U.S. AI Company Secures $4M in Funding

Vergne Equity fuels growth for a California AI B2B Firm and secures $4M in Funding.

U.S. RE Fund Secures $200M

A Portland-based self-storage firm took an entrepreneurial funding journey with the help of Vergne Equity and recently raised $200 Million. 

$1Bn Impact Fund

With the expert assistance of Vergne Equity, this global investment fund took a remarkable raising journey and successfully raised a capital of $1Billion! .

Growth Stage Sector Agnostic VC

German Healthtech Company Raising $3M

Biotech Company Closes $1.8M

U.S. AgriTech Company Secures $4m

With the aim of transforming the blooming agriculture industry, this AgriTech company came to Vergne Equity seeking assistance in raising capital. 

Spain Based LegalTech Company Secures $1M

With the experienced and expert services of Vergne Equity, this LegalTech Software firm successfully raised $1 million.

US based Dating App closed $350K

Fueled by a $350K funding secured with Vergne Equity, this Video-Based social media App is now poised for growth.

US Fintech Company Closed $3.8M

U.S. Medical Device Company Raised $6M

U.S. EdTech Company Secured $7M

Indian Fintech Company raising $2M

India’s Fintech Industry has bloomed post the pandemic. Owing to the lifestyle change, this Indian Fintech company contacted Vergne Equity for assistance in raising USD 2 Million. 

U.S. based PropTech Company Closed $50M

This innovative foldable house company is all set to transform the housing industry after recently raising $50 Million with the help of Vergne Equity. 

U.S. Payments Software $2M A Round

$100M Crypto Marketplace Acquisition

Australian Fintech Company Raised Series B

UK Home-Care Tech Company Raising €5M

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